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AEG’s cooktop buying guide will help you choose the cooktop you need to elevate your everyday cooking. Size, style, fuel type, special features and your cooking habits are key things to consider, so let this buying guide help make the right choice simple for you.
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Size Guide

Consider your cooking habits, bench space (at least 12 to 28mm deep for AEG models) and mirroring the width dimensions of your cooktop and rangehood for the best symmetry and functionality.

  • 60 cm
  • A compact cooktop
  • 75 - 80 cm
  • A standard size cooktop
  • 90 cm
  • A wider width

Types of Cooktops

Ceramic Cooktop
Induction Cooktop
Gas Cooktop
Ceramic Cooktop
Ceramic Cooktop
Induction Cooktop
Gas Cooktop

Ceramic Cooktop

With a zoned heating system concealed under a robust ceramic glass surface, electric cooktops offer a sleek easy clean surface compatible with all pan types.

60 cm

In the zone
Featuring numerous zones of varying proportions, ceramic cooktops include a triple zone and multipurpose zone.

Oko Timer: Zero waste
Conserve two precious resources - energy and your time - with AEG’s intelligent Öko Timer. Once the cooking time is pre-set the cooktop switches off, using energy saving residual heat to cook the dish through.

Expand your limits
Larger pots and pans pressure activate AEG’s extended element, to deliver a more expansive cooking area and added heat.

DirekTouch: The tap of a finger
For precision cooking, instantly control your cooktop levels with AEG’s responsive DirekTouch technology.

Stop+Go: Practical pausing
When life interrupts the best laid plans, activate Stop+Go. AEG’s unique function puts all active zones on standby to maintain warmth until you’re ready to go again. Simply touch the Stop+Go control and zones return to their original settings.

Single Oven

Induction Cooktop

Heat pans quickly and reduce cooking times, with an incredibly responsive induction cooktop. Using an electromagnetic field, the cooking zone transfers energy directly into magnetic cookware, for the precise temperature and cooking technique every time. Some models offer flexible cooking zones and cool-to-touch safe surfaces.

60 - 90 cm

SensePro: Restaurant results at home
AEG’s SensePro Wireless Food Sensor, uses a probe to read temperatures and transmit heat adjustments to the cooktop. From maintaining water temperatures to the degree, or Sous Vide techniques, experience unparalleled control over every dish.

PowerSlide: Get set for pre-set
For the most agile changes in temperature, use AEG’s PowerSlide, a program that pre-sets heats on part of your cooktop. 

FlexiBridge: Dinner parties simplified
A consistent heat cooking zone for all shapes and sizes, AEG’s FlexiBridge lets you combine up to four cooking segments, accommodating long dishes or large pans for those times when extra space means less kitchen stress. 

Hob2Hood: Cooking goes auto
Compatible with AEG rangehoods, the Hob2Hood feature activates and automates your rangehood extraction rate to mirror your cooktop’s activities, so you can focus on every sear, steam or simmer. If you’d prefer manual adjustments, the cooktop offers that, too.

Pyrolytic Oven


Fusing the capabilities of an induction cooktop with a powerful extraction fan in a single appliance, AEG’s convenient ComboHob makes kitchen design limitless.

90 cm

ComboHob: Form meets function
Open up your kitchen design possibilities, with AEG’s ComboHob, a single appliance that merges an induction cooktop with extraction fan for powerful convenience.

Hob2Hood: Adjustments done for you
Let technology be your sous chef, with AEG’s Hob2Hood function automatically altering your extraction rate based off your cooking activities, so you can focus on what matters.

MultiBridge: Rising to the occasion
With the touch of a button, automatically coordinate both time and temperature in two or more cooking zones to create a generous surface or ‘MultiBridge’, that accommodates large pots and pans. 

Direct Touch: Fingertip control
Regulate singular or zone heat shifts with AEG’s Direct Touch technology that combines changes to temperature and extraction settings, with a simple tap function.

Cleaning convenience
Our entirely removable ComboHob central extraction grid makes comprehensive cleaning effortless.

Steam Oven

Gas Cooktop

The visible flame, a gauge of heat, makes gas cooktops popular with home chefs. Raised or level with the benchtop, they’re compatible with all pan types. AEG’s next generation high-speed burners also cook 20% quicker than standard gas burners and feature a safety flame failure switch.

60 - 90 cm

Safety switches
The gas supply automatically switches off every time the flame extinguishes, whether manually at the end of the cooking process, or accidently as a flame failure device.

Easy ignite
AEG’s electric under knob ignition makes one-hand lighting of individual burners simple and swift, so you can get your cooking started sooner.

Rapid heat
From as low as 1MJ to an intense 22MJ, the dual-valve, triple-ring wok burner provides supreme cooking force.

Durable by design
The heavy-duty and resilient to wear and tear cast iron pan supports offer stable long-lasting cooking.

Total control
Even the most minute adjustments via the manual stainless steel control knobs are immediately registered, adapting the flame intensity as fit.


1 - 2 people

1 - 2 people

Featuring 3 or less cooking zones, these compact cooktops are ideal for smaller households or kitchens. They’re also designed to complement AEG ovens and rangehoods.
3 - 4 people

3 - 4 people

Featuring 3-4 cooking zones, they’re suitable for most households and designed to complement AEG ovens and rangehoods.
5+ people

5+ people

Featuring up to 5 flexible cooking zones, they’re ideal for a large household or home chef. They’re also designed to complement AEG ovens and rangehoods.


While cooktops come in a range of sizes, styles and special features, fuel type (either gas or electric) is another important consideration.
Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops

Advanced technology induction cooktops use electricity as the fuel source, but the difference is the heating element relies on electromagnetism. This allows precise temperature control, even heat distribution and safer surfaces as there’s no naked flame or residual heat. While more expensive than other fuel types and requiring specialty cookware, they offer easy clean seamless integration thanks to a level ceramic surface and greater energy and time savings than gas.
Gas Cooktops

Gas Cooktops

Requiring a gas connection and suitable ventilation because of the heat generated by the exposed flame, gas cooktops are compatible with all pots and pans. Traditionally preferred by chefs and serious home cooks they offer responsive heat, with instant reductions or increased intensity at the touch of a dial. While the rivets deliver unparalleled durability, they’re more intricate to clean.

most featured ovens

If you have a big household or entertain often, you probably need an oven that can cope with cooking larger meals. Oven capacity is measured in litres.

Cooking Accessories

However you like to cook and whatever your favourite dishes, there’s an AEG oven that’s just right for you.
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