AEG Origins & Philosophy

AEG's pioneering industrial design and technological innovation began well over 100 years ago with Professor Peter Behrens. This visionary architect, employed by AEG as artistic consultant, would become the world's first industrial designer.

Professor Behrens' principles of intelligent technology and responsive design are still integrated into each and every AEG appliance, guaranteeing exceptional performance time after time.

Always an Idea Ahead

For over 130 years AEG has been driven by a passion for intelligent design to develop exceptional appliances with class-leading performance and future forward technology.

Mark Best - brand ambassador for AEG

Mark Best is one of Australia's most-awarded chefs with a reputation for employing advanced cooking techniques and technologies. Driven by what he calls an ‘eternal dissatisfaction' Mark's philosophy is to keep the focus on flavour, with technology at the service of the ingredients.

Inspiring Stories

Take a multisensory journey around the globe with Tasteology. This series goes to extraordinary lengths to discover the key ingredients for the ultimate taste experiences. It's all about finding new ways to cook and eat food that is tasteful, multisensory and sustainable, based on the four essential steps to better food: source, chill, heat and experience.