The Agrarian Kitchen

Deep within Tasmania's Derwent Valley you'll discover a farm-based cooking school like no other. The perfect hands-on gourmet getaway using AEG appliances.

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Care for your Tableware

You need a dishwasher that can cope with more than just a few standard pots and pans. Our ProClean™ dishwashers are designed to take it all.

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Mark Best | AEG Brand Ambassador

Mark Best started by discovering the stoves accidentally and ended up becoming an unquestionable symbol of the new Australian Cuisine. His perseverance and his 'eternal dissatisfaction' (as he calls it himself) are the vitamins for his spectacular personal development.

"I live in a melting pot of new ideas and cultures," says Mark Best. "We do not have the shackles of culinary history; we are free to be inventive, spirited, adaptive and progressive."

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