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Welcome to the Future of Fabric Care with AEG's Latest Laundry Innovation

When was the last time you treated yourself and your wardrobe to a new washing machine? Investing in advanced laundry technology not only simplifies your laundry routine but also extends the life of your clothing

Our latest innovation isn’t just about washing clothes; it’s a blend of style and sophistication, designed to care for your garments while simplifying your laundry routine. With advanced features created to care for your clothing, AEG is safeguarding your wardrobe with every wash.

Step 1: Washing

Too little detergent can compromise cleanliness, while an excess amount can accelerate fabric wear and tear. The AutoDose feature in our 10kg front load washing machine (LF9516O8Q), eliminates the guesswork by automatically dispensing the precise detergent dosage for optimal cleaning results. AutoDose means you can say goodbye to detergent-related fabric damage and hello to cleaner clothes every time.

Don’t adapt to your washing machine; let the washing machine adapt to you and your needs. Our UniversalDose feature unlocks a whole new level of performance. This innovative detergent drawer enables all types of detergent to effectively dissolve, including PODS & capsules. This detergent’s cleaning power is even guaranteed for short washes at low temperatures.

Our washing machines are designed to care for clothes. The innovative design of the CareDrum takes garment care to the next level with an elevated cushion-like drum pattern and optimised lifter paddle. Your clothes glide smoothly throughout the wash cycle, while a thin film of water covers the holes during washing, minimising friction, and wear, and providing your fabrics with an even gentler laundry experience*.

*Internal tests comparing the Care drum to the AEG ProTex drum.
**Internal test using a cotton 30C one-hour programme, comparing detergent capsules in the UniversalDose drawer vs. detergent capsules in the drum.

AEG 10 kg Front Load Washing Machine features

Step 2: Drying

With our 9kg 9000 Series Heat Pump Dryer (T959M6ORS) you will enjoy exceptional results every time. With AbsoluteCare, you can say goodbye to one-size-fits-all drying cycles. The movement and temperature of the drying drum are precisely controlled to accommodate different fabrics' needs.

Woollens are gently kept flat against the drum to replicate flat drying, ensuring they maintain their shape and texture. Silks, on the other hand, are cradled aloft in the drum's movement to protect them from damage. Every fabric receives the optimal drum action and temperature, ensuring thorough drying while preserving its quality look and feel.

Confidently dry wool, silks, outdoor wear, shirts, trousers, and even down jackets, with 3DScan Technology. Ensuring clothes are dried with precision and care. SensiDry heat pump technology dries with low temperatures and uses precise sensors to monitor the drying cycle. This ensures that fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat meaning your clothes will keep their texture for longer.

Optimise your laundry potential

To achieve exceptional results and expert fabric care from washing to drying, pair the 10kg Front Load Washing Machine (LF9516O8Q) and 9kg 9000 Series Heat Pump Dryer (T959M6ORS). These products can be placed side by side or stacked, seamlessly integrating into your home.

For a more personalised experience, the AEG app empowers you to customise laundry cycles, personalise settings and adapt your appliance to your needs and habits. It can also provide you with smart tips and expert suggestions, making every wash cycle perfect.

AEG Washing Machine and Dryer in a laundry room

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