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Are you capsule-curious when it comes to your wardrobe? We unearth how to create a high-quality minimalist capsule wardrobe for winter.

There is no doubt our shopping habits have changed over the last two years. A 2021 State of Fashion report found “consumer behaviour has undoubtedly shifted over the past year, as people sheltered in their homes, travel was restricted, and stores were closed around the world”. Our wardrobes have reflected our new mindset, no longer chasing trends and valuing quality over quantity.

As Autumn approaches, there’s no better time to streamline your closet with a clean and crisp capsule wardrobe. Layering high-quality investment pieces with elevated basics that mix and match with each other is the foundation for a well-structured capsule closet. Box-fresh white T-shirts, well-made cotton and silk shirts, classic trousers, a knit dress, oversized transitional blazers and the perfect pair of jeans is where you want to start. Add chic cashmere jumpers, a classic trench coat and some soft cardigans into the mix. Black, white and neutrals like camel, taupe and charcoal, are the base colours to building a high-quality minimalist capsule wardrobe. From here it’s all about pops of colour, layering, accessorising and statement silhouettes like oversized collars and oversized sleeves.

However, caring for your capsule collection is just as important as building it. As good-quality pieces on high rotation, they are also your hardest working. Here’s our care guide to making the most of your high-quality capsule wardrobe.

How to protect your clothes from fade and age

Washing detergent can make or break your investment pieces. Too little and your clothes might not be clean. Too much and you could shorten the lifetime of your garments by prematurely fading. It’s hard to assess how much washing detergent or softener you should use in order to get the exact right amount for your clothes. Skip the guess with the AEG AutoDose function delivers the exact amount of washing detergent needed for each wash load. The washing machine weighs the wash load and automatically adjusts the amount of washing detergent depending on the program chosen. In other words, the correct dose allows for a longer-lasting wardrobe.


Be delicate

When it comes to high-quality fabrics like cashmere and wool, most people don’t realise that modern washing machines like AEG’s have the ability to gently care for even very delicate fabrics labelled ’hand wash only’. This means you can often wash garments made from these fabrics at home, by simply selecting the Delicates or Hand Wash program.


Steam instead of wash

Not all clothes need to be washed immediately after wearing. Outerwear and delicate fabrics, if worn only once and not dirty need not be put through a full wash cycle. In fact, it hardly takes washing at all. Thanks to modern technology you can use the AEG steam refresh programme to instead make your clothes feel fresh in just 25 minutes. Using AEG Steam programs also decreases wrinkles, making it a perfect option for quickly freshening up shirts and blouses.

Do tumble dry

Forget everything you think you know about tumble drying. New technology shows that tumble drying might very well be the best way to make these clothes last longer, maintaining their shape and texture. For example, The AEG AbsoluteCare system makes it possible to tailor low temperatures and drum motion for exactly the correct care, preserving the quality and the shape of the clothes regardless of fabric (even wool and silk). On most AEG heat pump dryers, the wool drying cycle is certified by The Woolmark Company with a Woolmark Blue label, meaning you can safely dry even ’hand wash only’ woollens, without risk of shrinkage (comparable to air drying).



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