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Learning to look after your wardrobe is key to longevity & making the best out of your purchases. Read on for easy tips to make your investment wardrobe last longer.

Like any savvy investor, taking care of your investments yields the best results. This same approach should be applied to your wardrobe. Learning to look after your wardrobe is key to longevity and a few simple updates to your laundry habits could be the solution. According to recent AEG research on laundry habits, 7 in 10 people have inherited their laundry habits from their families, and over a third have never changed the way they do laundry. 1Think about how much technology has changed since you were a kid. If you’re using the best appliances, but the same arduous laundry habits, you’re doing it wrong. Less is more when it comes to laundry. For example, using a modern washing machine’s hand wash program is actually gentler on your clothes than hand washing yourself. And this is just the start. Read on for easy tips to make your investment wardrobe last longer.

Turn down the heat | 30 is the new 40

Temperature labels represent the maximum washing temperature, not the recommended one. Washing at 30 degrees instead of 40 will be kinder to your delicate fibres and protect your clothing from fading. Modern appliances like AEG washing machines soften water and premix detergents, making sure that the detergent is properly dissolved and your clothes get a thorough clean – even at lower temperatures. According to Mark Kampmann, Category Manager (Care) “by switching from 40 to 30 degrees, your clothes will get just as clean, but in a gentler way and with less energy used. This is thanks to new washing technologies that have dramatically improved the ability to remove normal soils from clothes even at low temperatures.

Think twice before you wash| Steam it up

Furthermore, findings from recent research commissioned from the Electrolux Group suggest people often wash their clothes simply because they don’t feel fresh2. A full wash isn’t always necessary after wearing an item for a couple of hours. Airing them out or steaming them instead is usually enough to make them feel fresh again. Besides using 96% less water, using a washing machine program such as steam refresh is one of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your clothes.

Do tumble dry | Chuck it in the dryer

Most people wouldn’t dare tumble dry a woollen sweater. But most advanced tumble dryers are equipped with a heat pump that allows drying on a much lower temperature than a conventional dryer. In fact, the AEG AbsoluteCare system makes it possible to tailor low temperature and drum motion for exactly the correct care, preserving the quality and the shape of clothes regardless of fabric (even wool and silk!). There are also benefits to tumble drying. AEG AbsoluteCare heat pump dryers can restore the water repellency of your waterproof garments. The heat reactivates the water repellency treatment of the outer fabric that otherwise loses its effectiveness over time.

Forget hand washing | Let the machine do the work

Most modern washing machines have a hand wash setting, yet according to AEG research, 40% of consumers hand wash monthly due to a lack of trust in their machines. It’s time to trust your appliances, such as the AEG 9000 Series Front Loader Washer and debunk old laundry habits. According to Mark Kampmann, “AEG washing machines and tumble dryers have the ability to gently care for even very delicate fabrics labelled ‘hand wash only’. This means you can confidently wash them at home, by simply selecting the ‘delicates’ or ‘hand wash’ program.”

1 AEG Consumer laundry survey (2016)

2 AEG Consumer laundry survey (2016)



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