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One of the hardest things you can try your hand at on your cooktop is frying a thick piece of steak. Discover how best to cook your meals using advanced technology.

One of the hardest things you can try your hand at on your cooktop is frying a thick piece of steak, fish or chicken. The same goes for boiling or grilling vegetables. Either your food turns out all dry, unrecognisable, or you get it burned on the outside and raw on the inside.

But now, thanks to modern technology from AEG, anyone can cook their food perfectly to the core, right on the cooktop. By using a wireless sensor, inserted into your food or placed in a pot or saucepan, your cooktop will take care of the trickiest parts for you, identifying temperatures to the exact degree and making heat adjustments accordingly.

AEG SensePro cooktops are equipped with a wireless food sensor that identifies temperatures to the exact degree and communicates heat adjustments to the cooktop. This way you can start on a high setting to get the cooking process going and then let the cooktop automatically lower the heat for you, as soon as it’s needed.

So just how does AEG SensePro technology cook your food perfectly to the core?

Even, every time (without the guesswork)

We all know that pan frying can be a hassle sometimes. At its worst, you will end up with food that is burned or dry on the outside and still raw on the inside - it’s simply hard to control the temperature!

Consumers in general find it hard to cook food evenly, primarily because there has been no easy way to keep track of temperatures. When cooked evenly (and all the way through), meat and fish are more tender and keep vegetables crisp and colourful.

“Our customers have high standards. They know exactly how they want their food to be cooked, they just find it hard to do it themselves. With the SensePro technique they can easily get the perfect results they want, in their own kitchens,” said Dominic Wong, AEG Category Manager - Taste

Even, every time (without the guesswork)

Sous vide expert

There’s a widely growing interest in cooking techniques like sous vide. Still, very few of those who would like to try it at home actually don’t get around to it. The main reason is that they don’t want to buy yet another space-consuming cooking appliance to make it work. And if they had one, it would probably be tucked away in a drawer most of the time.

Sous vide is a cooking method that involves cooking food at a low, even temperature, in a vacuum-sealing bag, retaining all the flavour, vitamins and juices inside the food. It cooks the food completely evenly all the way through, making meat and fish extremely tender and vegetables incredibly crisp and colourful. Sous vide is frequently used by professional chefs to prepare food prior to peak hours and is often the secret behind that incredibly tender piece of meat or fish you get served at fine restaurants.

Previously, you would have needed to get separate sous vide cooker to be able to cook this way at home. But thanks to advanced wireless technique it’s now possible to cook sous vide, right on the SensePro cooktop, with no more extra gear than a vacuum sealing device, a cooking bag and a regular cooking pot.

Multitasking at its best

Today, when most of us are constantly multi-tasking, it’s easy to forget to turn the heat down in time, cue water and sauces that boil over as soon as you turn your attention elsewhere. A familiar kitchen scenario.

However now, thanks to modern innovation, your cooktop can actually adjust the temperature for you, before it gets messy.

In addition to cooking sous vide, the SensePro cooktop can assist you with a multitude of more or less complicated cooking tasks. Like cooking pasta without the water boiling over or simmering sauces. Or pan-frying a steak to perfection –whether rare, medium or well-done.



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