Episode I : Source

Discover real taste

Eating delicious food is a tactile experience. Creating our own food allows us to control what we put into our bodies as well as show respect for the ingredients' true taste. Mark Schatzker, food author, calls this "the power of flavour" - an alternative to artificial flavouring that helps us really appreciate every mouthful we eat.
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Having a meal should mean getting a feel for the local area & atmosphere.

Hisato Nakahigashi Foraging Trendsetter & Restaurant Owner

Answer your body's needs

The way ingredients are sourced affects the way we nourish our bodies. Author Mark Schatzer believes our body naturally devolops an appetite for the foods and nutrients it needs to be healthy, but that artificial flavourings are getting in the way. This can be reversed by focusing on high-quality ingredients and being mindful as your appetite guides you to consume according to your body's needs.

Be mindful Sourcing local or organic food is a good way to start being more mindful about what you're cooking and eating.


To find the most intense flavours, you need to track down the best source. With so many artificially flavoured foods on the market, this can be a complicated choice. But making the effort to seek out whole foods that promote good health will allow you to experience flavours that can't be made in a chemistry lab.

Back to basics

Take control of your food source by choosing food that is handmade, hand-picked and bursting with natural flavour. Discover the pleasure of baking your own bread using quality ingredients, or learn the art of foraging for edible treasures close to your home.

Foraging for freshness

Satchiko and Hisato Nakahigashi's restaurant on the outskirts of Kyoto may have two Michelin stars but all their ingredients are gathered within 10km of their home. Foraging allows them to bring a fresh, local taste to each dish and adds a uniquely emotional dimension to the eating experience.

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